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Digital Notebook

Digital Notebook

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Stay organized and on top of your notes with our realistic digital notebook. Perfect for college students, professionals, or anyone looking for a versatile and convenient way to take notes. A fully hyperlinked pink notebook for easy navigation and organization. Customize your notebook with the 40 paper templates including lined, grid, dot grid, Cornell notes, and more! Can be used for note-taking, studying, brainstorming, and more! Get your hands on this digital notebook today and start taking your notes to the next level!

Designed in a realistic notebook style to make your note taking ✨ aesthetic✨

- 1 PDF Digital Notebook with NEUTRAL tabs
- 1 Blank Notebook Cover with 18 notebook cover digital stickers so you can customize your own cover
- 15 Aesthetic Neutral Sticky Notes
- 500+ Icons, label widgets, & more in a hyperlinked GoodNotes sticker book

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